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Welcome to The Woman’s Club of Fort Worth web site.  Founded in 1923 by eleven study clubs, several of which were formed before 1900, The Woman’s Club is made up of 50 clubs and departments with the purpose of “the cultural and civic advancement of our community and the promotion of the study of literature, history, science, painting, music and other fine arts.”

The Woman’s club has grown to encompass two city blocks highlighted by exquisite landscaping and beautiful gardens.  Four historic Homes were acquired and architecturally melded to create a series of functional suites, parlors and dining facilities.  Antiques and fine art enhance every room in the buildings.  Recognized on several occasions by the City of Fort Worth and the State of Texas for its landscaping and historical preservation, The Woman’s Club remains dedicated to assuring the continued existence and maintenance of its physical structures and gardens.

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The Woman's Club of Fort Worth  1316 Pennsylvania Ave.  Fort Worth, Texas 76104-2111