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Welcome to The Woman’s Club of Fort Worth web site.  Founded in 1923 by eleven study clubs, several of which were formed before 1900, The Woman’s Club is made up of 50 clubs and departments with the purpose of “the cultural and civic advancement of our community and the promotion of the study of literature, history, science, painting, music and other fine arts.”

World War II Victory Party

On Thursday, October 20, the Ways
and Means fundraiser, benefitting The Woman’s Club, will be celebrating the end of World War II with a victory party!   The Club will be decorated in its 1940’s patriotic best.


The revelry begins at 5:30.  Follow the signs and hoopla to a WW II canteen and garden serving sandwiches and wine while we anticipate the evening.    


While we await the-end-of-war announcement, local caterers will be preparing food in the mess hall.  The competition is a “battle of the chefs” and sugar rationing is over, so expect some scrumptious goodies.  Savor these because you will vote on your favorite sweet and appetizer. 


The evening has just started and we can hear the strains of the Dynamic Swing Machine right next door at the USO Club.  This USO has a bar (kamikaze shots or GI Joe mocktails, anyone?) and costume contest!  Come as your favorite WW II personality or 40’s dress.  Don’t forget the victory curls and black market nylons with seams!


            Check out the silent auction, surprises and prizes…and a grand finale patriotic balloon drop!


Get your tickets now.  This event is the talk of the town and you do not want to miss it!  Tickets are $35 payable to the Woman’s Club through your club’s director or president, or Judy LaSalle.  Bring your guys and your best friend.  Heck. Bring ALL your friends.  This will be awesome!  See you there!

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