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Fort Worth Magnolia Designation


The Magnolia designation was established in 2014 to recognize gifts made to The Woman’s Club of Fort Worth in the amount of $1000 and up.  Magnolias have played an important part in the history of The Woman’s Club of Fort Worth.  Going back as far as the 1920s, it is noted that Magnolias first graced our beautiful banquet table in the dining room of the William G.  Newbie Memorial building and our records indicate that: “It was decided in 1940 that the annual open meeting luncheon be designated as a magnolia luncheon… The tables or shall always be decorated with magnolias from the Club trees.”  We are pleased to add another tradition to The Woman’s Club of Fort Worth that involves the use of magnolias.


Since The Woman’s Club of Fort Worth is a 501(c)(4) entity, gifts are not tax-deductible.

Gifts of $100 0 or more...

Etta Newby Club


Current Employees of the     Woman’s Club

     ~Fleur De Lis

Grounds-Memorial Garden

      ~Garden Club

Sherrie McLeRoy

     ~Carol Taylor

Laurie Rodriguez





Beaux Arts Club

Bible Department

Club Fidélité

Karen Hunn

Mah Jongg Department


Venture Club

The Woman’s Club Memorials


Jean Baumann

Royette Hance

Angelica Trahan


Chris Shahan


Bruce Corley

History Club


Diane Dyess’ Son

History Club


Tom Humphries

Renaissance Club


Mimi Klotz

Rockettes Tap


Marjorie McLendon

Club Bon Soir

Eileen Richards

La Maison

Galaxy Club


Alice Walsh

Sixty-Two Club


John Zeigler

Sixty-Two Club


The Woman’s Club Honorariums

Shirley Bain

Lois Tilley


Nora Bender

Cadmean Club


Dianne Bradley

La Maison


Cynthia Kay Olsen Carr

Ruth Reimann


Nona Cobden

Woman’s Shakespeare Club


Mary Hell Collier

Euterpean Club


2016-2017 Etta Newby Board

Chris Shahan


Debbie Glennon

Harmony Club


Shari Harris

Lois Tilley

B.J. Hoskins

‘93 Club


Sandy Kosanovich

Club Bon Soir


Sandy Lanier

Beaux Arts Club

La Maison


Linda Lee

Aquarius ‘70


Ann Maddox

Patti and Herb Campbell


Delane Newell

Woman’s Wednesday Club


Marion Snipes

Club Bon Soir


Carol Taylor

‘92 Club


Jackie Taylor

Galaxy Club




The Woman's Club of Fort Worth  1316 Pennsylvania Ave.  Fort Worth, Texas 76104-2111